Letter from DC (Part -IV)

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all doing fine and hope you had an amazing Sunday! I had a great week here. Had the first of my numerous exams here and had a great time preparing and writing the exam. People here prepared feverishly for the exam which has set a good tone for the year. It was a pass- fail exam but very unlike the Indian exams. It was open book and you only have to apply your concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. The Japanese and Africans struggled a little because language is a huge barrier for them. They carry their dictionaries everywhere. The Chinese also have a language barrier but they are extremely hard-working so I guess they were fine. But most people in the batch were very stressed and barely slept during the week.
Then came the fun part, on Friday, we had our Closing dinner with lots of good food and alcohol. I brought back food to the apartment again and took several servings of rice. The rice was a lot like the indian pulao and I was very excited about it. We also found out about the hidden talent of Maurice and Sacha to play the piano beautifully. There was a piano lying in the dinner hall and they played it for a good 2-3 hours. But it’s funny how Sacha who is popular was appreciated more than Maurice who is shy (but played better piano). We were given a Certificate for completing the foundation course (which was rather silly ;)). Prof Puder and Prof Cedrone were also there. I really liked Prof Puder and I also invited him home for a meal. He said he would love to come over whenever he is next in town. That’s very unlike the Indian professors. After the dinner we went to a pub nearby which is called 6th Engine. It was a lot of fun! 
This week, I did not invite a lot of people for meal due to the exam. There was just one meal that Yida and I cooked which was joined by Sanvid, Akhiko, Sacha, Manoj, Chandni and Irlene.  I made dal, chawal, egg masala, baingan ka bharta and Yida made coca cola chicken, omelette and prawns and a fish curry. It was delicious. Hopefully I will try more dishes and invite people. I have made more friends here and feel better than the first week I arrived here. It’s funny how people who did not join us for dinner that evening complained to me about not being invited. It was very impromptu and I had no intention of inviting people for dinner that day.
Nitesh came yesterday and I’m extremely happy and relieved after his arrival. I think I told the entire batch that he would be coming here. Also, I’m extremely kicked about the several kilos of masalas and grocery that he got from Dubai. Now i can cook more Indian dishes here. I was craving for good Indian food yesterday. I think I will make an elaborate meal once we have moved into our apartment. 
I love you all and miss you lots!

Thanks for reading !!