What Does ‘My Culinary Legacy’ Signify?

The name of my food blog is ‘My Culinary Legacy’

The motive behind starting this blog was to preserve the culinary heritage of my family, to contribute to this legacy and pass it down to the next generation.

I took recipes from my mother and mother-in-law and tried them multiple times before putting them up on the blog. I wanted to capture the essence of the recipes that are still family favorites. These are dishes that my grandmother and grandmother-in-law made for the family and which was remembered and cherished by many people long after they were gone.

My grandmother was remembered and loved by many, not only for the delectable food that came out of her kitchen but also for the generosity with which she fed many known and unknown people. While growing up, we heard numerous stories about how my grandfather and grandmother distributed rations to countless poor families, how they would never deny food to anyone who came to their doorstep and how her kitchen always had surplus food no matter how many people came and ate.

When I volunteered for cooking for Covid patients, I wanted to do my bit. In this situation where we are fortunate to be healthy (at least so far!) and have the means to help, I had to do something to contribute.Given that I have a full-time job that is also demanding in terms of time and energy, initially I though we will limit ourselves to 3-4 patients. Once we got into it, I realized it was almost impossible for me to refuse.

I also thought of Ma, Baba, Mummy, Papa, Maa (grandmother), Taata (grandfather), Bai (grandmother-in-law) and Baasaab (grandfather-in-law), whose blessings are with us always and who are watching us. And so I decided, I will carry forward their legacy in feeding people and not refuse food to anyone who comes asking to us. Fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree, does it haha?!

When I sat to pen down my emotions today morning, I realized that my culinary legacy will not be in the detailed recipes or dishes, but it will be in the kindness and love with which we feed people, it will be in the large heartedness to never refuse someone who comes to us for help, it will be in sharing not just when it’s convenient.