Letter from DC (Part III)- When we had non-Indians relish rice and sambhar with their hands and we had amazing tacos and samosas!

Hello everyone!

The newness of the place has disappeared. I wish I was awe-struck for a little longer. it’s discomforting but kept me on the edge to try new things.

Nitesh took me out on a date soon after arriving here and we had a lovely evening having ice-cream and burgers and attending the Arctic Monkey concert. 

I have moved in to my new apartment and I’m very glad I won’t have to move for a long time now. After living out of a suitcase for the longest time, it’s a great relief. Nitesh came here last weekend and he is like a fresh breeze in my schedule. Always bringing energy and laughter. 

We got all our furniture from someone and it was such a task. I wish it was as easy as in India. He had to drive a truck and we loaded and unloaded all the stuff ourselves. My friend Joni came with us to help. She kept saying how she might not be able to add a lot to the group’s strength but she can persevere and add energy. 

Joni is a great person, so full of life, always tripping over things and speaking to everyone around. What strikes me most about her is how vulnerable she is before everyone. There is no one in class who doesn’t like Joni. The person in one of the videos dancing is Joni. 

Soon after moving here, we threw a housewarming party where I cooked. Lot of our friends turned up and we had a lot of fun. Classes are not very hectic so I’m getting a lot of time to get settled here and set up the place. We had non-Indians trying sambhar and rice with their hand. 

Nitesh and I went to Nitesh’s senior’s place yesterday. Don’t know how Nitesh finds these friends. He is great at networking and making friends. It was really far but we had a nice time travelling to their place. Ankur (Nitesh’s friend) is married to a Latin American and they had a baby last month. When I went there, my first month with Laado came back in front of me. They had invited 3 more couples all of whom had a child recently. All of them were Latin Americans. We had a great meal with Tacos and samosas. Each of them got some food from home. Nitesh was very happy about the tacos. I think i’ll try my hands on tacos soon. And those samosas, I think it got instantly transported to India. Every bite of it made my cry. We only realise how precious these simple things in life can be when we are deprived of it. Speaking of simple things, I had tea after a month and it felt like heaven. After having the samosa at Ankur’s place, we found out there is an Indian grocery store close to his place. Of course I felt like a child going to an amusement park for a weekend trip. I packed some samosas for my Indian friends here and had a small samosa party after getting home. 

We also went to the Library of Congress and Lincoln Memorial this week. Library of Congress is supposed to be the largest library in the world. It stores all of President Jefferson’s books and lot of other books. It has more than 164 million items on 838 miles of bookshelves. The library supports research, archives million of priceless objects, produces publications, creates exhibitions that explore historic and cultural themes. 

It’s built on the Jeffersonion belief that all subjects are important to the legislature. Isn’t that brilliant and shouldn’t it be followed by all the leaders of the world?

I’m inviting another bunch of friends today for lunch. And soaking in the art and culture of this city. You guys have a brilliant week! Write to me and keep calling and messaging me. I miss you all so much!


Thank You for reading